Gum Paste

Learn How to Make, and Decorate With, Gum Paste

Gum Paste I

An introduction to gum paste for the beginner. How to make it, handle it and form it into the following beautiful lifelike flowers: Stephanotis, Bouvardia, Forget-me-nots, Lily of the Valley, Quickie Sweet Pea, Freesia, Rose and rose leaf. Learn how to use the essential tools, colours and techniques.

Gum Paste II

This course will teach the techniques for more detailed flowers: Daisy, Carnation, Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria), Stargazer Lily and Frangipani with the appropriate foliage; also learn the secrets of dusting & colouring.

Prerequisite: Gum Paste I

Gum Paste III

A more challenging series of flowers for the advanced sugarcraft artist: Calla Lily, Magnolia, Hibiscus, Fuchsia, Poppy, Tulip and the corresponding leaves. You will also learn how to create stunning arrangements.

Prerequisite: Gum Paste I, II

Gum Paste Flower Arrangements

This is a class designed to teach you what to do with your sugar flowers once you have mastered the art of making them. You will learn how to put together stunning arrangements in posies, sprays and bouquets.