November 2011: Rita Brings Home Three First-Prize Wins at the Annual Salon of Culinary Arts of the Société Culinaire Philanthropique de New York

Since 2004, our very own Rita Djerrahian has been participating in the cake competition held by the Société Culinaire Philanthropique de New York. This year, as she has done many times before, she won the first prize for all three cakes she entered in the competition. It’s her talent, strong work ethic, and dedication that seems to be an unbeatable combination. Whatever it may be though, we are very proud of her! Thank you to all of those out there who encourage her success and show theirappreciation for her works of art.

The cakes presented at the 2011 Salon of Culinary Art in New York City.

Congratulations, Rita! Here’s to many more reasons to celebrate your masterpieces!